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Nike the goddess of victory

Victory! Talking about victory in soul matters, what is that? Life throws you up and down in its endless, unpredictable events. Big or small as they may be. You can feel uplifted and full of grace or suddenly become smashed down to a deep black hole.

I think that, when you succeed to keep connected to your heart, you can not lose. But oh can that be difficult! I’ve passed some very stressful, painful years in my life and I sometimes lost the path. I lost the cure of myself and of people around me. Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night and I had stopped breathing. It was during those nights of agony that I prayed for the first time in my life. I mean really prayed. The words simply were “please God help me”. Nothing strange or complicated. The words just came out of my mouth repetitively.

Suddenly I felt a warm, joyful feeling in my chest. I just felt calm, warm and full of love. So I continued to do that every night when I woke up and then I rose up from the bed to do yoga. To do something good for myself.

In those nights, after 11 years of yoga practitioner, I decided to become a yoga instructor. I just wanted to share this wonderful way to connect body, mind and spirit and my little self with the universe.

I get lost and smashed down every now and then, but then I remember... connect to love. And after that, remember to share with others. I paint what I feel and discover and I share it with you.

Here is she is. “Nike” . Can you feel her? Love concurs all, doesn’t it?

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